HKE Hexagonal Water Generating Titanium Ingot, Pure Titanium, User-Friendly, 1.18”x 0.24”

  • ELSRA Hexagonal Water Generating Titanium Ingot, Pure Titanium, User-Friendly, 1.18”x 0.24”
    SKU: ES07HKEW036
    UPC: 698545366295

    The HKE hexagonal water generating titanium ingot is a simple hexagonal water generator designed for personal and family use. The users only need to put the titanium ingot into a stainless steel kettle and boil it with clean water. The boiling hot water becomes long-acting hexagonal water, also known as structured water or revitalized water.

    Pure titanium is currently recognized as the safest material for tableware. We inject the hydrogen kinetic energy liquid into the titanium ingots. Then, use high-temperature pure titanium self-fusion welding methods to encapsulate and finish it with polishing and laser engraving. No metal solders such as tin and lead are used in the process. After the titanium ingot is treated with temperature, the titanium dioxide on the surface is thickened to form a protective film, also known as a gem film. When exposed to light, the photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide can be naturally produced, which can quickly decompose bacteria.

    Why Hexagonal Water is Important to Health
    Water is what we depend on for every bodily function and ultimately for survival. When a baby is born, water in its body cells is a hexagonal ring-like cluster, also called structured water or small molecule cluster water. This is why the baby’s skin is tender and full of vigor.

    As one grows older, the human body begins to lose hexagonal structured water or in its cells and DNA. At the age of 58, only 23% of the water in the body is structured water. The loss of hexagonal structured water will affect the body’s metabolism, skin complexion and circulation, healthy immune system, and detoxification. More and more harmful substance accumulates in the body and one becomes aging and even gets a disease.

    Water treated by HKE physical resonance (Hexagonal Water Generating Titanium Ingot), the water molecules crack into very small water molecule clusters and bad pollutant memories are removed as well. Each molecule cluster is made up of an average of six symmetrically organized molecules. The water’s NMR half-width is less than 70Hz. (NMR data of longevity village water around the world is average at 90Hz).

    The minuscule cluster is recognized by cells as "bio-friendly" because of its hexagonal structure, making it impossible for toxins to spread within the cluster. The hexagonal water also has the superior characteristics of low pressure, strong kinetic energy, and high dissolved oxygen. It can quickly penetrate the cell membrane channel and then use electrons to transmit information into the cell nucleus to promote cell activation and proliferation, accelerate metabolic regeneration. It is also helpful to people with constipation, hyperuricemia, gout, and can effectively enhance the body's immunity.

    How to use
    Put the HKE hexagonal water generating titanium ingot into the kettle and boil it with clean water. The boiling hot water becomes hexagonal water, also known as structured water. It is recommended that stainless steel is the best material for the kettle and with water level indicator window.
    After many tests, pure titanium or stainless steel has the best resonance effect. The boiled hexagonal water will continue to resonate in the kettle. Besides, the water after the HKE resonance is long-acting hexagonal water. The water molecule clusters will not be restored even leaving the kettle. The experiments have proved that they can last for more than 72 hours. The water level indicator window allows natural light to activate the titanium dioxide photocatalyst effect on the surface of the titanium ingot with hydrogen kinetic energy, which can quickly decompose bacteria.

    You can also put The HKE hexagonal water generating titanium ingot into the portable thermos (stainless steel liner is recommended). Or placed in a liquid that needs resonance, such as various pure wines (for sobering alcohol), lemon juice, liquid enzymes or fruit vinegar etc. (Beer and sparkling drinks are invalid).

    Product Specification
    • Materials: Pure titanium rare metal, non-alloyed titanium
    • Dimension/ Weight (N.W.): Diameter: 1.18"; Thickness: 0.24"/ 0.013lb
    • Color by laser engraving: High temperature laser, titanium dioxide produces gem film; color carving will never fade under normal use; non-toxic and harmless
    • Half-life Period: Over 10 years
    • Cleaning Method: After using for a period of time, it is recommended to wash with clean water after use and then wipe with a clean dry cloth regularly
    • SGS Non-Radioactive Test: Compliant with Non-Radioactive Contamination at International level (Report # KK-19-07339)